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So I sent out a piece I wrote. That took guts. That took cajoling. That nearly required a shot of tequila. I let me finger hover over the send button for what seemed like days. When finally I did send it I immediately felt queasy. I started to consider how I could possibly unsend it. Then I thought about sending a second message with the subject line, “please ignore previous e-mail.” As I sat there paralyzed I message popped up in my mailbox with the subject line “out of the office until…”

Argh! It was hard enough to get up the courage to send. Now I know it will sit there, floating in a cyber mailbox for a week while the editor vacations oblivious to my distress. In reality, I am aware that there was no guarantee that it would be read immediately, but now it was made painfully obvious that it would absolutely not be opened for at lease a week, maybe two depending on how full the inbox is upon the editor’s return.

My stomach did flip flops as I thought better of my decision. How will it survive alone in the world without me? How will I survive alone in the world without my piece? So much time, effort and labor went into it. I felt like I had just sent my first born out into the world alone with an address, bus fare and a kiss for luck…What the hell was I thinking?

Does anyone else out there experience such dread, doom, and utter distress when sending out a piece they are particularly fond of?