Here I am on day two of my challenge. Yesterday, I forgot to set the alarm, the morning pages equivalent to “the dog ate my homework”…lame. In fact, today I also forgot to set the alarm, yet miraculously my eyes popped open on their own. I’m shocked. I guess my unconscious mind was not going to let me sabotage this goal…to write daily. It will take a while to get my brain used to the idea of writing early rather than late. Plus, I have to remind myself not to write late and then wake up early to write to avoid that burning the candle at both ends feeling.

Last night I wrote late, then realized I forgot to prep lunches, so I was up even later making lunch and fruit salad snack cups for the kids. Still, I’m awake with no help from my alarm. Which I’m sure will scare the hell out of me when it does go off. For now, there is certainly a difference to writing early, listening to nature wake up, birds singing to the sun as it slowly brightens the world, the sighs of my children as they begin to stir in their beds. The morning filling with light, air and possibility.

hmmm…I usually write under the heavy weight of night. Nightfall. Sometimes I feel like Atlas, trying to hold that falling weight of the day at bay while I force myself to stay awake and write a few more words. Today, as the sun rises it sheds light on possibility. I am hopeful as I type not to keep myself awake but rather to find my potential and envision how it will play out in this new day.

Today, I didn’t beg my alarm for more time as I pounded the snooze button over an over again. I didn’t open my eyes at the last minute and dive headfirst into my routine, rather I calmly eased into my day facing it with this trusted  friend, my one true love, the writing that waits for me in the wings until I remember how important it is in my life.

How did you start  your day?