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So is it just me or do you find that whenever you are least likely to be able to jot down an idea a great one pops into your head? When I worked full time as an advertising copywriter I would always find the solution to the copy dilemma when I was in the shower. So many times I would find myself jumping out of the shower and zoom across my living room searching for a pen and paper.

At one point I nearly broke a limb running across the hardwood floor in my new apartment. I slipped like someone trying to run across a frozen pond.  From that day forward I vowed to find a better way (especially since it is very difficult to write on soggy paper!).

Eventually I came up with a wonderful solution – a China Marker (aka grease pencil). this worked out very well because I could keep it in the shower and simply write on the tile wall. Eventually the shower became my morning pages and I wrote everything from ad copy and tag lines to story ideas and poems.

These days, more often than not, the ideas come to me while I’m driving. Often I repeat until I stop at a light or can pull over and grab my tiny “reporter’s” notebook. Sometimes, I try to grab my phone and record the idea using the voice record feature.

I have had the beginnings of so many ads, poems and articles come to me at the most inopportune times. I’m always amazed how the human brain (or at least mine) works. The good news is that I’m not alone, many creative individuals have found walking, chopping wood or even vacuuming to be the best way to open the window and allow creative thoughts to enter.

What mundane activity are you usually doing when you are struck with a brilliant idea?