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I’m a single working mom with two kids. My 8 year old is a diva who loves her beauty sleep and will nap whenever the opportunity arises. My 4 year old stopped napping somewhere around age 2 and even when he did nap, they were not the 2 – 3 hours of “mommy me time bliss” that my daughter allowed me but rather short power naps that gave him insane bursts of energy and left me caught mid-meal, shower, laundry, etc.

I exist in a constant state of exhaustion and spend a great deal of time wondering how a kid who never naps also never wants to go to bed at night.

Tonight, as I attempted to complete my homework by the 9 PM deadline (LOL!) I was constantly interrupted by my son who needed water, another story and finally assistance with the nothing that was scaring him (“mommy, I’m scared.” “of what?” “nothing.”).

So though I have not yet read it, I’m fully aware of the buzz around the New York Times Bestseller book, Go the F**k to Sleep, and feel a kinship to the writer. He has grabbed hold of the universal parenting dilemma and mirrored back that which we have all covertly felt at one time or another.

The tired dad behind

Author: Adam Mansbach

I’m sure many of us have had nights when we read a number of bedtime stories through clenched teeth while attempting to invite the child to go to sleep just like the children/animals/creatures in the book, all to no avail.

Of course, this book and the sentiment behind it was written in good fun. Still, I wonder, does it merely offer parents a lighthearted way to deal with an often frustrating subject? Or will it in some way allow some parents to justify the anger created when a child can’t or won’t go to sleep?