There’s an old commercial from Staples that sarcastically sums up the “back to school season” as ‘the most wonderful time of the year” complete with ecstatic father and depressed children.

I must admit as a kid I counted down the days from the last day of school until the first. Summer was not necessarily my season. Oh, I enjoy warm weather, it was the lack of structure or purpose that was the issue for me. So much time wasted when I could be learning something. I was the weird kid who wanted to go to the library during the summer. Plus, my neighborhood was, let’s say, not always conducive to playing outside and being carefree.

School gave me an excuse to go to the library and escape to different worlds. It gave me the drive to keep writing. It gave me the hope for a future away from where I grew up.

As I prepare for back to school with my kids, a part of me wishes for that again. The eager anticipation to dive into a world of new ideas and come up, breathlessly, holding up a pearl.

How do you/did you feel about school?