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some days i have a hard time writing. that is not unusual. it happens to all writers at some point. writing can be very solitary. for years i have been writing in notebooks and journals and often felt i was writing in a vacuum..but still i wrote. over time life and circumstances change and when, where and how long we can write changes too.

when i started this blog, i wasn’t sure what to expect. i wanted to experience writing in a different way. i wanted to try to create “something.” i also wanted to be held accountable in some way. when i started, it was part of a class. there was an expectation to see a post. but the class was only 4 weeks. i wrote a few more times and felt i was writing to myself (again). so i stopped.

i started again because i have not been writing…or i have been, but never really finishing anything. i’ve been stuck. so i restarted by blog with the hope that maybe i could just try to get a post or two a week done.

i am happy to report that i am managing a bit more than that and i have to offer thanks to those who have stumbled upon my blog and either pressed “like” or wrote a comment.


i am no longer alone in this writing endeavor. i have this incredible community of writers stopping by periodically and offering some encouragement. it’s the thing i had been missing in my life for awhile now. and it is so important a reminder of the need for contact and to be a part of a community of individuals with similar interests/goals.

so today’s post is one of gratitude. thank you for reading me and encouraging me. i’ll do my best to visit and encourage you as well.