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Writing is an outward manifestation of an inward journey.

As we dig deeper and deeper, excavating so many skeletons, the visible proof is not tons of dirt that needs to be hauled away but a cascade of words, thoughts, and ideas that need to be strung together with precision instruments – our minds, hearts and fingers.

The challenge of this journey and what it produces is the fact that it leaves us feeling quite naked. When we write we expose ourselves in some way. We are taking a chance with language and our hearts. When we write and decide to share it with others – friends, family, a class/workshop, or send it out to be considered for publication – that is when we are most vulnerable. We open ourselves up to criticism and the possibility of rejection.

As a writer (or any creative person) it is important to have a champion. A mentor. A first reader. Someone you trust enough to read your work and give you honest feedback. This is not about being coddled; it is about surrounding yourself with people who believe in your dream. It is about having a support network. It is about having someone who understands your dream and can sweep all the pieces together when you crash and burn so you can rise again from the ashes and write some more.

Sometimes our writing is very personal and very intimate. It is almost more than we can bear to put it onto the page and then we take a step, no we jump, even farther and put it out there for the world to read. To be able to do that, it is important to have support. Someone who believes in you and will encourage you to put the envelope in the mail or to press send. Without that, so many write but don’t share, instead banishing their hard work to a drawer, a box or worse, never allowing it to leave the hard drive.

We publish each day that we blog. Do you send your work out for publication elsewhere? Do you have people in your life who support your dream of writing?