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it’s Sunday and once in a while i like to try to sleep in (read get up 7:30 or 8 rather than the usual 6:30 or 7). so when the kids came in to wake me up i enticed them to join me for some snuggle time in my “big fluffy bed” (as they describe it). with the window open and the crisp autumn air filling the room the three of us snuggled under the covers.

my 9 year old daughter told us about the silly dream she had last night, offering lots of detail. not to be outdone, my 5 year old fabricated a dream that contained many elements of his sister’s. then he asked me, “what did you dream last night, mommy?”

well, being sleepy, i wasn’t feeling very creative, so i simply responded truthfully, “nothing, sweetie.”

then i was taken by surprise by his response/assumption, “do grown ups not have dreams?”

“of course they do silly!” my daughter responded as she bopped him over the head with a pillow. in an instant they were gone, chasing each other down the hall, but i was left with his innocent question hanging in the cool air around me.

it reminded me of my goal to focus more on my writing. to send out poems. to allow myself to live my dream. it also reminded me of the poem i wrote at the beginning of the year, my rallying cry to change…

In this new year…

I will find happiness…
in the simplicity of the everyday
and in the perfection of serendipitous events.

I will move again…for the nth time!
but will pack each box with hope
and tape them with possibility.

I will do more things for myself
including those things that scare me
or allow me to become who I should be.

I will watch the sun rise
not with the bleary eyes of frustration
but with clear eyed anticipation.

I will walk miles
both indoors and out
for my mind and soul.

I will surround myself
with the positive energy
of those who believe in me.

I will count my blessings
rather than the dollars in my pocket
or the “friends” on Facebook.

I will spend more time being
rather than doing so much
and still feeling unaccomplished.

I will stop force fitting myself
into the life I believe
others expect me to live.

I will once again dare
to dream of the things
I once knew I could do.
©L. Conquet

do grown ups not have dreams?

do we get so caught up in our lives that we lose track of them? do we forget them? do they get crammed into boxes and shoved into dark corners? do we follow them only until the road gets to rocky/untrodden?

are you staring at “the road less traveled” or are you walking it?
(if you haven’t read “The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost lately, today is a good day to do so!)