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“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.”
― Emily Dickinson

there were storms on the east coast yesterday. heavy rain. high winds. tornado watches. a physical reminder of the awesome power of nature. some lost power. i was lucky, my power stayed on, but internet and cable were out. i could not post. i could not access my online class. still, i could write!

the pen. the word. that is where the power lies. not in the electrical outlet. not in the glowing screen. even if i had no lights last night i would still have been able to read/write by candle light!

my kids are growing up in a digital world. going online is part of the school curriculum. they are becoming proficient with a keyboard and at texting. they would rather google than memorize. and they would rather type than write.

my kids love to read and each has requested an e-reader. but i want them to continue to love books as well as words. to enjoy the feel of the book in their hands — hard cover vs. paperback. how each has it’s own weight. to experience the act of turning the page. to have the option to dogear or highlight their own books. to remember the awe of being surrounded by books in the library. i want these memories to become a part of them, because i do not know how much longer books, newspapers and magazines will be an option. i want them to be able to tell their children about it with first hand knowledge.

i read a post called, reading print newspapers, and it reminded me how the printed word is slipping out of our lives and we often don’t realize it until we stumble upon it. i can honestly say i moved to an area where i could not get the paper delivered and after some fussing have learned to live with it. after reading that post, i will be returning to my old habit of lingering over the Sunday Times with a good cup of coffee, and teach my kids about the joy of sharing/trading the various sections.

do you read the newspaper online? books on an e-reader? are you all digital? do you still make room for the printed word in your life?