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music is said to be a global language. for many, poetry is music.

there is a cadence. a rhythm. a feeling evoked. memories attached.

often our first poems are sing-song nursery rhymes. but, no, not all poems must rhyme!

as you know i write poetry. i’ve posted some in the past and will again in the future. but poetry, as with any writing, is not just about writing but about reading as well. I must admit i haven’t been reading as much poetry as i used to and have been looking for inspiration and encouragement to write more and to submit. then…

serendipity! (my favorite word)

a wonderful friend who works at the poetry foundation posted information about a free online course offered by UPenn through a program called Coursera. The course is titled Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, or ModPo, and is taught by Professor Al Filreis and an incredible group of TAs. I am in awe of Al’s passion and the amount of time and energy he gives to the discussion forums! did i mention there are 30,000 students from around the world! can you begin to imagine how many comments are living on those forums?

this is a real deal course with quizzes and writing assignments. i was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all at the end of the first week. but in week two, i am finding my groove, am figuring out how to fit the class into my schedule (and try no to overdose on forums — it is so involving and exciting, but can take up too much time if you are not careful).

i am thankful to Coursera, UPenn, Prof. Filreis, the TAs and my global classmates who are making this an incredible, exciting and enriching experience. if you have a chance,  take a look at what is being offered. you might find the right class waiting for you. so much to gain, nothing to lose.

has anyone been looking for a class online? online workshop? or some other mode of inspiration/motivation/encouragement/support? please share what you have discovered…