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this one is old. it was written “in the moment” in a workshop. i have not really done much revision since then. i’ve been reading through old work, trying to find the fearless, bold writer i once was.

thanks for your indulgence…

live without limits
on the edge
of sharpened senses where
we can
the dull pain
confront life’s fleeting agony.
choose to feel,
to truly live,
shining light
on black corners inside
exposing all those shadows
to the sun.
while giving smiles
to the moon —
dance in its mysterious glow.
time’s elusive threads speed by,
we can
weave or become tangled,
rejoice in the flow
resist and be pulled under.
learn to simply be and
each moment is filled with joy;
self-contained bliss.
complete in it’s perfection
the self you will discover
when you forget
who you believe
yourself to be
and allow yourself
to become
who you truly are

L. Conquet