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as writers we are readers first. we can all close our eyes and remember that first nursery rhyme, story or book that captured our attention and imagination in such a way that we became hooked. the day we fell in love with words. how they are written. how they come together, not to simply tell a story but, to sing to our souls.

for many writers that love of words — a turn of phrase, a story twist, an unexpected image in a poem — are the things that inspire us. we read to be better writers. but technology is changing how we read, what we read, when and where we read.

with e-readers, tablets and phones allowing us access to books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, e-zines, etc. reading, as many of us remember it, has changed.

these days you are less likely to read the headlines on someone’s newspaper on the bus or train. it is becoming rare to have a chance to see someone reading a paperback and consider getting that book yourself. we are reading, this is true, but we are reading in a vacuum and the community experience of words is disappearing. there is less opportunity to share the paper with your neighbor at the next table in a bistro. in fact, today, many children have e-readers read to them rather than their parents.

i am a book person. i have many books. too many some say. i have explored ways to keep them neat and safe. here is one of my book cases. the problem is there are just so many walls!

i used to keep books on my nightstand. the one I was reading and the one (or many) “on deck.” i still do, only it looks very different nowadays…

My nightstand…

i was given a nook as a gift. still, i consider myself a book person. only i have less space, so i am more choosy about the books i buy in book format. my kids want e-readers of their own, but as I’ve said in a previous post, I want to make them book lovers first. they have a lifetime of being plugged into the digital world. i want them to enjoy the quiet, relaxing joys of being analog a bit longer.

i saw an ad for the nook. it showed people reading! not just nooks, but newspapers, magazines, books and nooks, sometimes side by side. they are showing respect to the physical format while trying to sell their e-reader. the commercial ends with the phrase, “by book or nook, I WILL read.” the ad is called, Read Forever. and in the end, i guess that is all we as writers can really ask…that people continue to read.

how do you read?