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this just in…

according to the rules for this award, I must nominate five other bloggers for the award and state seven things about myself.

being new to the blogsphere, my sisterhood is still small…but growing!

five ladies who i follow and believe are worthy of this award include:



pursuit of passion

j. ricci energy

dianne gray author

they are wonderfully diverse and bring their unique perspectives to the blogsphere. i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i do.

ok…7 things about myself…

1- i wrote my first book when i was 5. my mom kept it in the gold-painted macaroni jewelry box i gave her that same year.

2- i was born and raised in NYC, but without the twin towers i have difficulty navigating downtown.

3- i tried horseback riding on a whim a few years ago (i had paid for my daughter’s lesson and she could not take it) and fell in love. a few rides have inspired poems.

4- i’ve been married for 15 years, separated for the last 5, and working on a reconciliation…might be worthy of it’s own blog!

5- i hope to live in NYC again, or live out my days enjoying an endless summer in a house on the beach.

6- i have 100s of poems and am working up the courage to start submitting them for consideration for publication.

7- i love cafe au lait, pane e chocolat and fresh flowers, particularly calla lilies, make my day.

ok, check out these other wonderful blogs and again, to all current and future readers, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.