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This week’s DP Challenge is to write something different from your ordinary blog post. So following in the footsteps of Life’s Little Instruction Book and Wear Sunscreen (my all time favorite), I offer you this:

The Care and Feeding of Ideas…

Ideas are like children.

Love the labor that bears your ideas — that is how you grow as a writer.
Care for and nourish the fruit of this labor — have a special place and/or time to write.
Feed them — write more.
Give them attention — read with fresh eyes.
Bring them out into the sun so you can get a good look at them — print them so they are real to you.
Watch as they stretch and grow skyward — periodically look back at your body of work (yes, this includes your archived posts).
Give them space and guidance — but don’t try to control them — allow your words to flow, even if it is not going where you had planned.
Allow for mistakes for they are really unexpected surprises — keep a file of those mistakes and false starts, they may be just what you need…just not right now.
Find joy in the unexpected for that is often where the answer lies — remember detours can change the course of history.

How do you nourish your ideas? How often has the unexpected brought the answer you needed?

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