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so there is a hurricane, sandy, working its way up the east coast.

nyc is basically closed for business today. the stock market is closed. many businesses are closed. mass transit is closed. highways, bridges and tunnels are closed. all nyc schools are closed (something i never experienced growing up — even in snow storms)!

i was in nyc in 1996 when a major snow storm closed the city. there was a sense of joy, of carefree fun and community in the city as adults and children alike journey through the snowy streets to converge on central park and slide down hills, make snow angels and snowpeople (no, they are NOT all men) and basically forget about their responsibilities for a while.

i was also there for 9/11 and the aftermath. the city shut down, but for a different reason. the feeling and mood were somber, but the sense of community was stronger than ever.

today the city is shut down in expectation of the worst. the weather is not really fit for being outside.

we are outside the city. it is windy and wet. no school today. we have been watching the weather, baking yummy goodness, making some music and preparing to make some popcorn and enjoy a movie (since that won’t be an option if we lose power).

it is an interesting reminder about control…and how little we really have.

what are you doing today? how do you prepare for a storm? what do you do when you find yourself  complete without control? what do you do while you wait?