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every step is one more in the right direction. that’s what i have been telling myself lately. so I have been wearing my pedometer daily. it is in a way an experiment as well as a way to stay motivated. my daughter came home from school before the holiday break and announced “my gym teacher said everybody is supposed to take 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy.” 10,000 steps? well how many is that really? so i looked it up…it is 5 miles. seriously! everybody should walk the equivalent to 5 miles a day? hence the pedometer. i want to track my daily activity.

so far the only days i have come close to or equaled 10,000 steps have been days that i have gotten to the gym. otherwise i average about 2 miles (4000 steps).

i have to say, on average days i am surprised by how many steps chores can take — especially making the bed (all that walking around it). gym days include weights and treadmill, bike or elliptical machine so it is easy to get my total number of steps up.

although 22 days of increasing exercise has been great. the challenge has really been mixing it up. adding activities beyond “just steps.” so the other day i decided to put yoga back into my life. i practiced regularly years ago, now that feels like another life. to stretch and feel a glimpse of the person i was when i practiced more consistently was truly amazing. i took a hot yoga class and it was an incredible experience. having the heat embrace my body and awaken that self – who i was. as I breathed deeply into her being, i closed my eyes, focused inward and remembered her…or should i say, me…it was inspiring.

Power to the She!

have you been increasing your steps/activity? what have you done? what inspires you?