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a meditation on snow may seem odd, but let’s consider its power.

there was a Nor’Easter on Friday night that continued overnight. we woke to about 18 inches of snow. we were lucky. others had 30 inches and deeper drifts.

the expectation of the storm caused many districts, including my own, to close schools. children watched through the window for the better part of the day waiting for the snow. so much anticipation. so much thought. so much energy. the snow had power long before it arrived.

when it did…airports shut down. mass transit was affected. some highways closed.

saturday morning the kids got bundled up and ran out to play in the snow. as i opened the door i was overcome by the beauty. my neighborhood, covered, was almost unrecognizable. it was a gorgeous scene.

children dove into the snow and were covered by it. snow angels left a deep and memorable impression. after finding the sled and the tube i took the shovel off the hook.

at first the task of clearing the walk and the driveway seemed daunting. but as i began i noted the serene beauty around me. the sunlight dancing across the snow covered lawn. the wind whispering through the newly dressed tree limbs. the sun warming my face in spite of the calendar. the children’s laughter and shrieks of delight as they speed down the hill. the joy of having my son discover the powdery snow could separate itself as it landed on his jacket and the result was his amazement as he observed the unique properties of the individual flakes.

power. both positive and negative.

i chose positive. i enjoyed my time outside. shoveling was not a chore, but an opportunity to see differently. to enjoy my world anew. by not focusing on the task, but rather the beauty, i was not overwhelmed by how much needed to be done. by focusing on the moment. my senses. the surroundings. what once was a chore became an enjoyable activity which went smoothly, ended quickly and left me feeling refreshed and energized.

after putting the shovel away i did a few runs down the hill with the other sledders.  the power of snow reminded me to have fun.

do you enjoy snow or find it to be an inconvenience?