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well, it’s wednesday. how about some wellness info?

i’m sure you’ve heard it said before, that old phrase, “laughter is the best medicine.” how many of us actually believe? probably not many.

a group of researchers at Osaka University in Japan did some research a few years ago to test that theory. they studied three groups — those who listened to music, those who participated in “laughter yoga” and those who had no intervention. they discovered the blood pressure of the first two groups was lowered after each intervention and lowered over time. the group with no intervention had no changes in their blood pressure.

so while you are working on new ways of improving your health, don’t forget some methods that have stood the test of time and are now standing up to actual tests!

relieve your stress and lower your blood pressure by enjoying soothing music and instead of texting, LOL, try it for real. Laugh out loud — it’s the healthy thing to do!

photo from flickr

have you noticed you feel less stressed after listening to music or laughing?